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About Us

Veriam Music Trust is made up of a group of historic musical instrument enthusiasts. Most work with musical instruments on a daily basis, with their main areas of expertise being double reed instruments – predominantly historic and modern bassoons.

Oliver Ludlow, Co-Curator and Trustee of Veriam Music Trust

A Prized Heritage

Veriam Music Trust aims to preserve, examine and showcase the history of musical instrument making through the baroque, classical and romantic eras. Our collections shine a spotlight on some of the instruments, makers and surrounding industries which helped shape music over the last 350 years.

Our collections are more than just instruments, they are a prized heritage - one which, we believe, should be protected, understood and celebrated.

The Trust's Curators

Oliver Ludlow and Tristan Lambert are co-curators of the Trust’s collections, overseeing the acquisition and management of the instruments and sheet music displayed.

Oliver Ludlow
Co-curator, Veriam Music Trust

Oliver, through his work as Director of Double Reed Ltd., has primarily been a modern bassoon specialist and player. He sees historical bassoons as inextricably linked with the modern bassoons we play today, and an appreciation of their evolution, as well as the music that was written for them, is therefore of high importance. As a result, Oliver has developed a keen eye for historical instruments, which occasionally show up among the modern bassoons and oboes being brought to the workshop, and has examined and collected them for the Double Reed collection for some years.


Oliver is passionate that these rare pieces of history are kept and preserved for future generations, and appreciates the significance they have for academics and historical instrument makers today.

Tristan Lambert
Co-curator, Veriam Music Trust

Bassoonist Tristan Lambert performs regularly with leading period instrument ensembles across the United Kingdom.

In 2020, He completed a second master’s degree in historical performance at the Royal College of Music in London. That same year, he accepted a position with Double Reed Ltd., specialising in the repair and restoration of modern and historical bassoons.


He is excited to utilise his expertise in performance, history, and restoration, for the protection and study of the instruments in the Trust’s collections.

The Trust's Objectives

  • to preserve the holdings for current and future generations

  • to further knowledge about the instruments and their makers, and the culture and practises of historical woodwind instrument making more generally, by making them available for research and study

  • to further knowledge about woodwind composing and performance in the 20th century and earlier by making the sheet music holdings available for research and study

  • To increase holdings of relevant instruments and sheet music over time to build an authoritative collection covering historical woodwind instruments and sheet music.

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