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Historic Sheet Music

A collection of sheet music, the majority of which was originally owned by Archibald (Archie) Camden, a renowned 20th century British bassoonist.


It comprises early printed works and manuscript works (some having been used for premieres of the pieces) plus a wide selection of more general woodwind and bassoon sheet music.

Veriam Music Trust's Galliard: Sonatas for the Bassoon, Archibald Camden Collection (AC001)

Galliard: Sonatas for the Bassoon

Archibald Camden Collection (AC001)

Music for: Bassoon, Violoncello, Harpsicord

Composer: Johann Ernst Galliard

Region: NEngland

Era: Baroque

Date(s): 1733

Publisher: John Walsh Musick Printer

First edition plate-print of Johann Ernst Galliard’s Six Sonatas for the Bassoon or Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord published in 1733.


Johann Ernst Galliard was a German composer and oboe and recorder player, and lived from 1687 to 1749 making him an almost exact contemporary of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederick Handel. He moved to England and became Chapel-Master of Somerset House, living in London at the same time as Handel. He composed a wide range of music including several operas and instrumental music; he also translated into English from Italian the Observations on the Florid Song; or, Sentiments on the Ancient and Modern Singers by Pier. Francesco Tosi. This was published in 1743 in London.


According to the title page, his Six Sonatas was ‘printed and sold by John Walsh Musick Printer & Instrument maker to his Majesty, at the Harp and Hoboy in Catherine Street, in the Strand’ (London) in 1733, when Galliard was living in London.


This book forms part of the sheet music library originally owned by Archie Camden OBE (1888 to 1979), a well-known British bassoonist and pedagogue and then his son Kerry Camden.

Veriam Music Trust's 'Philomel': A Volume of Musical Airs for Flageolet Boston Collection (B052)

'Philomel': A Volume of Musical Airs for Flageolet

Boston Collection (B052)

Music for: Flageolet

Composer: John Parry

Region: England

Era: Classical

Date(s): 1809 - 1819

Publisher: Messrs Phipps & Co

A small volume of airs for the double flageolet entitled ‘Philomel’, written by John Parry around 1809. Parry, 1776-1851, was a well-known and celebrated Welsh musician and composer. He is said to have inspired William Bainbridge to invent the double flageolet, when Parry built a frame to house two single flageolets and performed in Covent Garden. Bainbridge used this idea to develop the double flageolet, and strongly defended his claim to be the inventor of the instrument throughout his life, but Parry is seen by many as the true originator of the idea.


This volume is one of a series, and the publisher’s marks indicate it is one of the earlier ones printed, being published while Phipps & Co were still based at their 25 Duke Street premises.

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