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Historic Trombones

Veriam Music Trust's J. Higham historic trombone, England, Boston Collection (B047)

J. Higham, England

Boston Collection (B047)

Instrument: Trombone

Maker: Joseph Higham

Region: Manchester, England

Era: Late romantic/20th Century

Date(s): 1863-1950

Stamp: Superior 1st class exhibition prize medal awarded / London 1862 & Dublin 1865 / to J. Higham / Maker/ 2 Victoria St & 131 Gt Ducie St / Manchester / 23857

J. Higham was a significant wind instrument manufacturer, established in 1842 by Joseph Higham. By 1893 they had produced over 46,000 instruments. The form of the stamp on this instrument indicates it was made sometime after 1863, when they moved to the Victoria St and Great Ducie Street locations (50).

Ref: (50) William Waterhouse, 'The New Langwill Index' (1993), p. 175

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