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Historic Ophicleides

If you can tell us more about the instruments on this page we would be very keen to hear from you. We are very aware that there are gaps in information about many of the instruments in this section and would love to fill those gaps.

Veriam Music Trust's Guichard romantic Ophicleide, France, Boston Collection (B044)
Boston Collection (B044)

Guichard, France

Instrument: Ophicleide

Maker: Guichard Breveta

Region: Paris, France

Era: Romantic

Date(s): 1827-1845

Stamp: Guichard Breveta / A Paris

Established in 1827 by A. G. Guichard. By 1844 the company had 210 employees. Gautrot took over the company in 1845 (49).

Ref: (49) William Waterhouse, 'The New Langwill Index' (1993), p. 151


Boston Collection (B045)


Ophicleide, Boston Collection (B045)
Ophicleide, Boston Collection (B048)
Boston Collection (B048)



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