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12 new historic bassoons on display!

This month Veriam Music Trust is proud to announce that we have added twelve more historic bassoons to our collection - four will be a permanent part of the display, and eight are on temporary loan.

The four permanent historic bassoons added to the collection were donated kindly by Tony Millyard, a historical musical instrument collector and maker based in England.

The four permanent bassoons are a follows:


Maker: John Hale

Region: London, England (Covent Garden)

Era: Classical

Manufacture date(s): 1785 - 1804

John Hale, based in Covent Garden, London, worked for musical instrument maker Thomas Collier, and by 1785 had succeeded Collier in making instruments. Langwill states that Hale flourished in this endeavour between 1785 and 1804. His keys are stamped underneath with his initials, and examples of them are found on many other maker’s instruments from the period.


Maker: John Green

Region: London, England (Soho Square)

Era: Classical/romantic

Manufacture date(s): 1815-1851

John Green was a musical instrument dealer and maker, based in Soho Square C1815, who is most well-known for inventing the Royal Seraphine (reed organ). Green was a former employee of Clementi & Co, and likely made this bassoon between 1815 and 1851 when he died.


Maker: Christopher Gerock

Region: London, England (79 Cornhill)

Era: Classical/Early romantic

Manufacture date(s): 1827-1831

Christopher Gerock started his woodwind instrument making workshop in London in 1805. The company traded until 1837, and from 1824-1827 was partnered with ‘Astor & Co’.


The fourth instrument is by an unknown maker, but more research will be taking place in due course to try and further determine its origin and date of manufacture.

If you think you are able to help identify this bassoon, please get in touch!

To view the eight additional bassoons on temporary loan, see the rest of the 'newly listed' bassoons here: Veriam Music Trust - Bassoons.


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